Ark Metropolis Europe Expedition

Regional and local sustainable action in response to climate change – a Civil Society action plan

An unique expedition in search for answers

The Ark Metropolis Europe Expedition is a tall ship cruise that will go through the Baltic Sea, Skagerrak, North Sea, Bay of Biscay, Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea to Athens with stops in 30 regions/ 20 countries.

It is designed to give an impetus for a Europe-wide debate on the quite abstract concept of „Sustainability“. Almost everybody has heard this word before, no one knows exactly what is behind the concept. Based on the main topic of Climate Change, the expedition is in search for answers to tackle specific regional subjects related to sustainability in order to build up an action plan tailored to the needs of each European region involved in the project.

“Europe” is derived from ancient Greek, literally meaning: “Far Sight”

Where and what is farsighted action in Europe? On the one hand, many initiatives and organizations of different sizes are working on those questions. On the other hand, there are many good ideas and a willingness to do something to transform the world into a better place to live.

Cultural difference, little networking, interaction and exchange are the main problems which stakeholders are facing today. The Europe Expedition will open the path to form at least an European umbrella organization for sustainability, achieving a better impact of Civil Society on decision-making and policy advise.

The building blocks of the expedition: C6


While carbon (C) in molecular shape forms a hexagon and thus composes the building block of life, the building blocks of the expedition forms another C6: Common Creativity Counteracts Climate Change Challenges.

The entire European expedition is structured into individual modules or phases and follows a plan of action aiming to achieve a set of objectives between 2015 and 2020:

Module I - European preparation travels
2015/2016 (operating)
Module II - European launch conference
Q3 2017
Module III a) - European ideation workshops
From Q4 2017 consecutive to Q4 2018 every 3 weeks
Module III b) - European prototyping workshops
From Q4 2017 consecutive to Q4 2018 every 3 weeks
Module IV - European tour of the “Climate Ark”
Q2 2018 -Q3 2019
Module V - European follow-up conference
Q2 2019
Module VI - European perspective conference
Q2 2020

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