The stations of the expedition


Together citizens find the answers

There is a variety of organizations and projects in every region active in different ways. They tackle the question how the action of an individual can contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources, to collaborative cooperation and especially to a lively culture of participation.

The aim is to work out what specific regional characteristics are associated with the term “sustainability” and can be strengthened as local sustainable action. By linking the individual stations each of the following will benefit from the previous stations. It should become clear that sustainability is based on the combination of local actions and Europe-wide, intergenerational thinking.

At the stations a 3-day interactive event (urban trail, discourses, arts & culture event) is performed in the course of one week each. Artists, professionals and people of all ages are gathering how action is already sustainable on regional level and how every individual contributes. This is surrounded by a kick-off event with representatives of city/government, projects/organizations, the business community and a common final party.

These cities and regions are headed for:

1st year | Schedule (Small changes may be possible)

City/RegionActivityscheduled date(s)
Rostock (DE)Start of the Expedition29|Apr 2018
Gdansk (PL)Station01|May - 09|May 2018
Klaipeda (LT)Station11|May - 18|May 2018
Tallin (EE)Station20|May - 27|May 2018
Helsinki (FI)Station29|May - 05|Jun 2018
Stockholm (SE)Station15|Jun - 22|Jun 2018
København (DK)Station24|Jun - 01|Jul 2018
Oslo (NO)Station03|Jul - 10|Jul 2018
Bremerhaven (DE)Station13|Jul - 20|Jul 2018
Amsterdam (NL)Station22|Jul - 29|Jul 2018
Antwerpen (BE)Station31|Jul - 07|Aug 2018
London (UK)Station09|Aug - 16|Aug 2018
Le Havre/Paris (FR)Station18|Aug - 28|Aug 2018
Bayonne (FR)Station02|Sep - 09|Sep 2018
Porto (PT)Station13|Sep - 20|Sep 2018
Lisboa (PT)Station | End 1st year22|Sep - 29|Sep 2018
2nd year | Schedule (Small changes may be possible)
Cizy/RegionActivityscheduled date(s)
Tanger (MA)Station | Start 2nd year01|Apr - 09|Apr 2019
Cartagena (ES)Station11|Apr - 18|Apr 2019
Barcelona (ES)Station | Conference23|Apr - 30|Apr 2019
Marseille (FR)Station02|May - 09|May 2019
Cannes (F)Station11|May - 18|May2019
Roma (IT)Station20|May - 27|May2019
Messina (IT)Station29|May - 05|Jun 2019
Valletta (MT)Station10|Jun - 17|Jun 2019
Otranto (ITStation19|Jun - 26|Jun 2019
Venezia (IT)Station29|Jun - 06|Jul 2019
Zadar (HR)Station08|Jul - 15|Jul 2019
Vlorë (AL)Station17|Jul - 24|Jul 2019
Patra (GR)Station26|Jul - 02|Aug 2019
Athina (GR)Station | End of the Expedition05|Aug - 12|Aug 2019

Editing results in the mobile academy

During the cruise to the next station the results of the visits will be documented and edited by the crew (accompanying scientists, artists, craftsmen, etc.) and presented in a way that knowledge is transformed into art, transported on art and thus education can be provided.

A central point is the participation of local actors combined with an effective participation of people in development processes. The principle of developing partnerships with local initiatives, organisations, sustainably operating companies and the communities as well as the creation of learning and knowledge interfaces are the core strategic points.
Städte und Regionen

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