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Artistic and cultural components of the expedition


Europe and Eutopia | creating a “good place” with “far sight”.

“Europe” (from the ancient Greek word eurýs, “far” and óps, “sight”) and “Eutopia” (from the ancient Greek word eús, “good” and tópos, “place”). Is there a better way to combine the basic principles of sustainability, art and culture?

We Europeans can take advantage of opportunities and are able to drive development: so different we are, starting from Greece we are united by millennia-old culture, education and science. Community in the values ​​and diversity in the traditions are two sides of the same coin and create a place where you might be and where you can be.

Ark Metropolis is a mobile, free academy for sustainability. “Ark” comes from the Latin word arca, “box” or “container” and describes an object with which something can be transported. “Metropolis” is derived from the ancient Greek words méter, “mother” and polis, “city” borrowed as a symbol of a great community.

The name stands for the claim to transport knowledge about sustainability and education for sustainable development by art, to make it understandable for all and to experience the ability to act. Come along for the trip to Eutopia!

Applied Arts

“Art is Life”
Tarik Mustafa (1974-), German Artist and Visionary

… and carbon is the basis of life. Just as these molecules forms in 6-corner shape, Ark Metropolis understands art as a 6-sound of willingness, perception, awareness, understanding, knowledge and action.

The aim of Ark Metropolis is an individual capacity to act through guidance and education to collaboratively create knowledge. In the tradition of the German artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) we move ideas forward by people.

Circle of balance orientation

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