The event program at the stations


Methodological approach

Methodically the weekly program combines different types of events: with “learning by playing” components we achieve a real personal reference with wow factor. With an expert dialogue forum and an artistic presentation of knowledge (art-science dialogue) we reach a profound imprint of knowledge about sustainability and own possibilities of sustainable action in a participatory manner.

Groups, organisations, companies, policy makers, media representatives and people of all ages are involved locally and support the project by providing moral and resources. The program will carried out in the territory of the respective station (urban area, port area including the surrounding environs).

The components of the week programs

The length of stay at each station is 7 days which are broken down as follows:

1Arrival, mooring in the harbor, completing the required paperwork
2Press Conference on the ship with representatives of city/government/projects/organisations
3Preparing the event area, PR groups in the city
4First event day (topical interactive course with competitive character in mixed groups)
5Second event day (Thematic discourses observed by artists and be transformed artistically)
6Third event day (Thematic artistic representations, cultural program, closing party)
7Preparing for departure, press statement on the results, future prospects

Prgramm an den Stationen

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